Saturday, July 9, 2011

1984 - Late on Arrival?

To Whom It May Concern:

Effective last day of July 2011, ALL Google Private Profiles are going public. This means if you have information about yourself shared in a profile which is ONLY accessible to others you have designated, this will cease at the end of the month and your profile WILL be PUBLIC. The ONLY way out is to DELETE your private profile.


And then it will ONLY be a matter of weeks until Twitter, Facebook, any/all social sharing sites and email systems, or ANYBODY who collects personal data, like Amazon, etc, will do the same. All this starts on July 31, 2011. The day that being anonymous on the Internet became a thing of the past.

In a nutshell, Google is leading the charge to make ALL information posted online anywhere available to anybody at a price. The truth is the are selling you to the highest bidder. Think "economic slavery".

They will consolidate the information they have first and sell it. Or perhaps give it to the Government free when asked. In conjunction with tracking cookies, other software to collect and collate like information from the same target, you life as you know it will cease to exist.

Everything posted online and everything that will get posted online will be available to anybody for a price. Is this something you want?

Google says they  are doing this “to be helpful” as they know you want to “go public with your life” (and your secrets).

Bill collectors are already rejoicing. Skip tracers are partying.

What to rent a house? Go online and research your prospective renter. Don’t like that he’s a black or a Jew or a female or Indian? You don’t even have to meet them. Just say it’s already rented. Do it by email. All legal and tidy.

Sellers such as Amazon will target you specifically with ads gleaned from you previous shopping history, what you’ve looked at and your other online profiles, etc. They will “know” what you want before you do. And yes, that information is for sale to all.

I’m sure the will be legal cases where data gathered from the net will be the “last nail” in a defendants coffin.

“But your Honor, she did search for chloroform / break neck / gun.” It’s on the computer / net / Google search.  “She MUST be guilty”. Given enough indisputable Internet data collected on you, anybody could prove anything. True or not.

To paraphrase George Orwell in his book “1984”:

“Big Brother is watching (and collecting)”

And his real name is Google…

This will not keep the FBI / ISI / CIA. etc,  from finding you. But it will keep stalkers, nut jobs, crazies and SPAM mongers from making you’re their favorite daily target.

Here are some way to avoid being part of the fiasco:

1) I use the Internet usually under a pseudonym (false name) and only supply my true name when I engage in business, or buying online and sometimes I invent employees to do my job to act as buffers. Most people who I want to be able to find me online can, because I've told them my email address, etc. The others can keep their SPAM and go to hell.

Hey, just saying :)

2) Use TOR:

3) When filling out required data for email accounts (and any account not requiring a credit card) use incorrect data. Example: Put down female if you are male. Use the wrong birth date, etc. Keep a written record of the information you use and where (site URL) its used. You may need to re-create this or another account. Having the data makes it easier.

4) Change you real name on your Google account to initials. I use SR. S for first name R for last name. That’s the least amount of data they will accept (for now at least). Get another (or more) email accounts. Use a previous account linked to your initial account do get a secondary email account.

I have 2X accounts at and 1x at Yahoo. If I go anywhere on Yahoo, Yahoo links my profiles in the open. It's shows my picture, name age, etc. It’s all BS of course. I am not a 25 year old, female hooker living in Beverly Hills, CA. The photo shown I got off the internet. She's a porn star. Neither Yahoo or have any “real data” about me. Just BS. When some site demands you supply an email address, use one of the dummy accounts. SPAM will end up there too.

5) Change all the data in your current Twitter (or other) accounts. Or better – delete all the account(s). Replace with phony data. Use initials - never real full names. Stalkers are going to LOVE Google's idea.

6) Use previous street address. I use 2660 S. Berserk Street, Yuma, AZ 86364 (street name changed) , occasionally. It’s already online is several places. Yes, it’s already wrong cuz I moved.  Kewl!

7) Post a phony resume online. Your full real name so it can be found and indexed by ALL those nasty search engines. Use only phony information such as birth date, street address, work history. etc. Nothing that will match to your real data except the name. This will obfuscate all the data associated with your real name and confuse search engine conglomerators. Do several. Post from different URLs. Nicely done, grasshopper!

8) Use the “Theory of disinformation”, always:

The Genie is “out of the bottle”. Your job now it to keep him confused and disoriented :)


The day before yesterday on National Public Radio (NPR), a fellow, lets call him “Fareed Abdul Aziz”, told NPR how the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has removed him from EVERY airplane flight he tried to board for the last 3 years. Turns out him name “matches” a known terr0rist.

Yes, he has a letter from DHS stating to “let him go”. But, he STILL is strip searched every time he gets on an airplane. And he’s always held for a few hours in interrogation. His name is Fareed Abdul Aziz. It's costing him money, his business (In'tl traveler) or more.  It could have easily been (insert your name here).

Just a small problem with a name… Your next :(